Australia Customs Seizes 'Dwarf Porn'

Oct 29, 2011 10:15 AM PST

BRISBANE — The EROS Association says the Australia Customs service has prevented two titles from the "Midget Mania" series, volumes 7 and 8, from entering the country.

''It appears that Customs are trying to insinuate that when a large male adult actor has sex with a female dwarf or midget, that there is an element of coercion involved because of the size difference,'' said Fiona Patten, who is  the EROS Association's chief executive. ''Large numbers of dwarfs and midgets are happily married to persons of normal height around the world.''

The Eros Association is Australia's national adult retail and entertainment association.

Patten claimed the Customs officials' act sets a ''new benchmark'' and proof that officials are pre-empting classification decisions that should be left to the experts.

Patten has called for a moratorium on seizures of adult material — except child pornography material.

Under Australian classification laws, adult videos that portray ''offensive fetishes'' cannot be granted an X-rating, and must be refused classification or given an RC rating.

The Australian Law Reform Commission released a review paper on the national classification scheme last month. The agency is taking submissions on the review until next month.

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