Arbitration Program for .XXX Domain Names Is Launched

Dec 5, 2011 9:15 AM PST

MINNEAPOLIS — .XXX's Rapid Evaluation Service (RES), a process that helps resolve complaints over new .XXX domain names, launched today.

The process was debuted by the National Arbitration Forum, an international provider of dispute resolution services based in Minneapolis that has about 1,600 mediators.

The RES is similar to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, or UDRP, in place under ICANN's policy.  

With the .XXX program, the National Arbitration Forum's paperless case management system permits complainants and respondents to file submissions, upload evidence, request stays, withdrawals, extensions and receive decisions in real time.

The RES allows respondents who may have missed its quick deadlines to file a late response, even if the final determination has been made.

And it is designed to result in a takedown of an infringing domain name in as quick as two business days.

National Arbitration Forum also is handling Charter Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy (CEDRP) cases for ICM Registry for users who want to challenge the eligibility of a .XXX domain name owner.

ICM's RES and CEDRP disputes are heard and decided by neutrals who are attorneys with significant trademark experience. Proceedings take place in English and are document based.

Kristine Dorrain, a National Arbitration Forum exec, said that the service is a "streamlined process for the RES, both structurally and technologically."

"Users are going to like the intuitive features," Dorrain said.

Stuart Lawley, who leads XXX operator ICM Registry, told XBIZ that the National Arbitration Forum is a solid mediation group that has provided neutral services for UDRP for 12 years in more than 17,000 domain name disputes.

"We picked National Arbitration Forum as our first dispute provider as a result of their excellent track record," Lawley said. "The .XXX post-launch protections go way beyond anything offered by any previous registry."

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