Jurors Could Begin Deliberations Today in Porn Star Murder Case

Dec 7, 2011 11:15 AM PST

PASADENA, Calif. — Jurors in the Felicia Tang murder case will likely begin deliberations this afternoon to determine the fate of her ex-boyfriend who has been accused of smothering her to death.

Tang was an online adult top draw for seven years, from 2001 to 2008, and star of a number of Playboy TV shows and Peach Entertainment videos.

Prosecutor Philip Wojdak resumed closing arguments today, and the defense will make theirs this afternoon. After Wojdak's rebuttal, the jury panel will decide the case. The trial is now in its14th day.

The ex-boyfriend on trial, Brian Randone, is a former minister and mime from Omaha, Neb., who moved to Southern California to achieve fame and fortune.  He was featured on a 2000 FOX reality episode of "The Sexiest Bachelor in America."

On Tuesday, when Wojdak began closing arguments, Randone again was fingered for delivering hundreds of blunt force trauma wounds to Tang's body, including visible abrasions on her eye sockets, nose, forehead, chin, tongue and gums.

Wojdak, attempting to piece clues together, showed the jury a photo of  Randone's bruised and scratched feet.

"There's only one thing in the apartment that could have [murdered Tang] and that's those severely injured feet," Wojdak said.

Randone is charged with murder, as well as one count of torture, because he allegedly "beat the daylights out of" Tang before suffocating her to death, Wojdak said.

"[The wounds] tell a story of a woman balled up in a fetal position," Wojdak said. "The areas that are exposed are the areas that take the vast majority of the punishment."

"We're talking about a smothering where somebody is being pushed down onto something or a pillow is being pushed down on her face."

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