zBUCKz Takes Stand Against .XXX, Warns Blackmailers

Dec 8, 2011 7:30 AM PST

LONDON — zBUCKz operator Panorama Pacific Ltd., has taken a stand against the new .XXX TLD domain and issued a warning that it will not tolerate .XXX blackmailers.

The company said it received a threat from a person named John with the email address "f0r_ever69@yahoo.com" that unless it purchased .XXX versions of its .com websites, the domains would be sold to another company.

Company director Daniel Kaufman said, "The reason we are putting out this statement is to let these blackmailers know that anyone found using .XXX versions of our .com domains in a way that infringes on any of our copyrights or trademarks will face the most severe legal consequences possible."

According to the company, the alleged blackmailer said he had purchased the domain "Boykakke.xxx," among others, and threatened that if it didn't purchase them, they would sell to an "interested party" in South Korea.

Panorama further iterated that they are joining other companies such as Manwin in taking a firm stand against .XXX.

‘We do not support .XXX and refuse to be blackmailed into paying $100 per year to be enrolled into a yearly subscription to something without benefit or return," the company stated.

‘It is totally unfair that webmasters now have to be blackmailed by nefarious individuals seeking to pilfer and profit off of our hard work."

The company went on to state that they would not send any traffic to, nor do any link trades with any .XXX domains. "We are joining Manwin in refusing to do any business with .XXX entities."

"If we all continue to not give our money to or support any .XXX websites, it is our hope that .XXX will die a slow death just like so many other non .com domain extensions have," the company said.

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