Bangladesh Approves First-Ever Anti-Porn Law

Jan 2, 2012 7:45 AM PST

DHAKA, Bangladesh — The Bangladesh government approved its first-ever anti-porn law today that carries a maximum 10-year sentence for the production, preservation, marketing, carrying, distribution, sale and display of any form of porn.

The proposed Pornography Control Act-2011 was given the green light at a weekly cabinet meeting headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed in an effort to stem what the majority Muslim country feels is a mounting social problem.

Under the law, porn is being defined as videos and photography featuring erotic poses, acting, gestures and half-naked dances.

Books and magazines containing sexually stimulating content as well as sculptures and leaflets are also targeted.

According to reports, violators could be slapped with the maximum 10-year jail sentence for any porn involving children.

Any other objectionable content would carry a 7-year jail term and $2,440 fine. Porn that’s distributed through websites or mobile devices would impose a maximum 5-year sentence and a $2,440 fine.

The proposed law stated in its introduction, “A law is badly needed to prevent the decay of moral and social values as demonstration of pornography is responsible to many extents for social disturbances and criminal activities.”

The draft is set to go before the Bangladeshi parliament for debate by the end of January.

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