Porn Guardian, FilesMonster in 'Making Piracy Pay' Deal

Feb 12, 2012 11:00 AM PST

NEW YORK — Piracy fighter Porn Guardian has launched a new program in conjunction with cyberlocker site that attempts to convert would-be pirates to actual paying customers.

The program, dubbed by Porn Guardian's Dominic Ford as "Making Piracy Pay," employs an "alternate URL" that FilesMonster will post when it is requested to remove Porn Guardian's client files.

"The link goes to our clients' site (via our system and an affiliate account we have with them)," Ford told XBIZ. "Anytime a would-be downloader of pirated material signs up on the producer's site, we get the affiliate revenue share.

"We give a portion of that to FilesMonster and the rest comes off our clients' monthly invoices," he said. "In effect, we are letting the pirates themselves pay for our services."

Porn Guardian previously employed the program in conjunction with  FileSonic before it curtailed file sharing.

An example of the Porn Guardian link on FilesMonster can be seen here.

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