Taryn Thomas: Arizona Could Be Next Stop for Porn Shoots

Feb 16, 2012 9:00 AM PST

PHOENIX — What with the industry still feeling its way around the newly adopted mandatory condom law in the city of Los Angeles, a new haven has emerged that just may be on porn producers’ short list.

Adult star Taryn Thomas believes Arizona may be next for places to shoot films if the new law hampers production in porn valley.

Focusing on the Arizona Porn Star Ball convention set for Tempe March 3-4, the local CBS TV news reported Thomas’ belief that the industry might be there looking for opportunities to shoot in Arizona.

"Over the three or four days, the companies and performers are here, they're definitely going to be scoping out Arizona," Thomas said.

The Phoenix-based performer also took the opportunity to blast the new measure.

She said that she prefers that the government not be inspecting her genitalia all of the time and stressed the safety of the current testing conditions.

"We are some of the most tested people in the world. I think I can speak for most of the performers. We're not anti-condom. We're pro-choice," Thomas said.

Just last week L.A.'s Simi Valley also gave the green light to adopting a mandatory condom ordinance, further making nearby productions difficult for local studios.

Arizona joins Las Vegas as possible homes for adult filmmaking if local enforcement stymies the struggling, yet still profitable industry.

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