No Porn in Moorpark: City Considering Condom-Only Law

Feb 21, 2012 8:00 AM PST

MOORPARK, Calif. — Another one of Los Angeles city’s neighbors is considering adopting the new mandatory condom law in an effort to keep porn out of its neighborhood.

Moorpark city council member Mark Van Dam reportedly made a request of the staff at the Feb. 15 council meeting asking city staff to monitor the situation, and look for alternatives and possible state regulations relating to the issue.

Van Dam believes that adopting the law would deter porn from seeking refuge in the geographically favorable area that’s only a short distance from porn valley.

“What’s going to happen is . . . they’ll just keep going farther out and farther out and I’m sure we really don’t want the porn industry looking at Moorpark, with lots of vacant commercial space and industrial space, and picking us as the next spot," Van Dam said.

Earlier this month, Simi Valley council members, led by Mayor Bob Huber also drafted an ordinance to adopt the mandatory condom law, clearly sending a message to adult producers that if they can’t shoot in L.A. city, they don’t want porn shot in their family community.

The new law with its sweeping health regulations will begin March 5, requiring condoms to be used on all porn productions shot on location.

Although it’s not exactly clear as to how the new law will be enforced, the industry is buzzing about the possibility of relocation to other nearby states including Nevada and Arizona.

New Hampshire, however, is the only other state aside from California where producing porn is currently legal.

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