VIDEO: Vegas the New Porn Valley?

Feb 23, 2012 8:15 AM PST

LAS VEGAS — As more and more Los Angeles cities slam the door on porn productions as a result of the recently adopted mandatory condom ordinance, Sin City may be the industry’s sanctuary and the new porn valley.

In a local CBS TV news report, local Vegas porn star Alura Jenson,who uses her home to shoot films said, "Oh, it's going to happen. I've already heard from several people. They are making arrangements to move themselves over here."

She added, "Nobody likes to be told what to do. It should be a choice whether or not these performers want to wear condoms in their shoots."

And the potential income from taxes and new jobs could have Vegas salivating at the idea.

"The contributions that the tax would bring to the city would really help in the recovery economically," Jenson said.

And favorable weather, low housing and real estate costs, established talent (dancers, etc.) along with close proximity to Los Angeles are all desirable factors that have recently surfaced as alluring incentives for L.A.'s porn valley to head east.

Porn is already being shot regularly in Vegas in sex clubs, businesses, homes, studios and hotel rooms, according to the report.

Some supporters think a new porn valley could arise in the nearby city of Pahrump — home to the legal brothel trade.

Another Vegas local, adult performer Gavin Steele also said plans are already in the works.

"There are some directors that want to move out to Las Vegas. I know a big company that relocated to Las Vegas already, and I think that's definitely going to happen,” Steele said.

But Steele believes he doesn’t think that shooting in L.A. will completely die out.

Porn’s move to Vegas does have some credence.

XBIZ has recently reported on gay giant Corbin Fisher’s new sound stage and adult production studio that is being built in the city and new online company CumOnLive is calling Vegas home, among others.

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