XXX Truth or Dare Releases Men Only Board Game

Mar 2, 2012 10:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — The company behind the XXX Truth or Dare board game has launched a new version designed for men only.

The move comes after the company received numerous requests for a game with a same sex theme.

XXX Truth or Dare – Men Only was developed within the gay community. It is loosely based around the original XXX Truth or Dare game, but the content and dares are more hardcore.

"We're very active supporters of the gay community and equal marriage rights," said Sean, the company's CEO. "We're proud to offer this version to all our gay friends so they can join in on the fun."

The adult board game involves body parts, oil, food and drink. 

The games features erotic photography of men and 75 truth or dare questions that are designed specifically for men. 

XXX Truth or Dare is described as a “down and dirty” adult board game designed for singles and couples who are confident, sexy, and willing to try anything in front of others.

The company said it is already receiving positive feedback from customers.

"We were at a cocktail party with some friends and a few hot strangers when someone brought out the game," one customer said.

"We were laughing at first as we all got to know each other, but soon the teasing turned to kissing and before I knew it I was getting acquainted with the hot guy I was eyeing — on the couch. I would have been too shy to even talk to him if it weren't for the game. Thanks for making my weekend."

The first player to reach the end of the board becomes the master of the game, and all players must submit to his will.

The company recently announced its core lineup of products. The flagship XXX Truth or Dare caters to straight couples and singles, and “Just for Girls” is loaded with lesbian and bisexual fun.

The game comes with a large 24”x18” board featuring graphics, as well as dice, cards and an hourglass.

All versions are available for purchase here or at various retail establishments.

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