MSNBC Poll: 74% Say Feds Should Back Off Enforcing Porn Laws

Mar 19, 2012 6:45 PM PST

NEW YORK — A live MSNBC poll shows that about three-quarters think that there is no need for tougher enforcement of laws regulating hardcore porn.

At post time, 74 percent of those who polled online (97,000 votes) said that there's no need for placing harnesses on the hardcore industry. Twenty-one percent (28,000 votes) said that they are all for tougher laws. About five percent were unsure.

The online MSNBC poll that registered 132,000 votes asks readers, "Do we need tougher enforcement of laws regulating hardcore porn?

The poll accompanies a story, "Porn Industry to Rick Santorum: Butt Out," that appeared on on Friday. 

Allan Gelbard, an adult industry attorney who recently published an article on Santorum's anti-porn screed, said that "government is not obsessed with porn."

"[But] a few individual politicians — who would rather pander to those who are morally opposed to adult entertainment (and would foist their beliefs on others) than address real problems — are obsessed with getting elected. Its amazing that those who claim to cherish the Constitution and profess to being for limited government are the first ones to abandon both ideals when they perceive it to be politically beneficial," Gelbard told XBIZ.

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