Indian Fashion Model Calls for Legalized Porn Films

Mar 20, 2012 11:00 AM PST

MUMBAI, India — Indian fashion model and Internet sensation Poonam Pandey Is calling for her country to legalize porn movies claiming that most of the population watches them.

Pandey grabbed headlines during last year’s cricket World Cup when she promised to go nude if India had won.

The 20-year-old hottie said, “There is nothing wrong in legalizing porn films in India. Everyone has porn clips in their cell phones, but no one has the guts to watch it in open. Sex films are always watched under a hidden situation in India. It’s new generation, so what’s wrong in watching it openly?”

India’s interest in porn spiked recently with adult star Sunny Leone’s appearance on the country’s hit TV reality show "Big Boss 5" that vaulted her to unprecedented celebrity status.

Leone is also set to make her Bollywood debut in Mahesh Bhatt’s anticipated film “Jism 2,” a sequel to the 2003 hit “Jism,” slated to debut in theaters this year.

Pandey applauded Leone’s controversial success, and said she thinks people should not look down upon Leone just because she’s a porn star.

Although her comments shocked the porn-sensitive country, she told News Pakistan,“What’s wrong if Sunny Leone is working in a Bollywood movie? She deserves it, hence I appreciate her.”

She added, “‘Sunny is a brilliant girl and I think she has got a wonderful opportunity and I wish her all the best.”

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