Jimmy Kimmel Asked People on the Street 'Do You Watch Porn?'

Mar 20, 2012 6:30 PM PST

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” took to the streets of Hollywood yesterday evening to ask everyday folks if they watch pornography. The poll was presented as a game to the show’s studio audience, who were then asked to guess what the people would answer based on their appearance.

Explained host Jimmy Kimmel, “The reason Rick Santorum is so against pornography is because he thinks it can be ‘very damaging to people,’ and he’s probably right, but I think most people can handle it. My guess is that most adults have some relationship with porn from time to time, which got me to thinking: can you tell if someone watches pornography just by looking at them?”

There’s very little chance that the hilarious four-minute skit will change Santorum’s view on adult, but witnessing the pained awkwardness that befalls a couple after he admits to watching “every now and then” and she responds “that’s not good,” could possibly make some of his opponents go “hmm.” Or, not.

See the clip here.

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