Dear Abby Asks Larry Flynt to Assess Why Men Love Porn

Mar 21, 2012 10:30 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Dear Abby, the most widely syndicated newspaper columnist in the world, in a column today says that some women find it stimulating to watch porn with their husbands.

Dear Abby author Abigail Van Buren (carried on by Van Buren daughter Jeanne Phillips) answered a letter from a woman who signed her name "No Fan of Porn," complaining about a heated debate at a dinner party over the topic of porn.  

In the column, she asked LFP founder Larry Flynt to provide expert opinion and weigh in why men love porn.  

The letter read: "Dear Abby: At a recent dinner party the men and women got into a heated debate about porn. The men said men love porn because it shows women enjoying sex with abandon. We women protested that women who behave this way in real life are labeled "sluts" by both men and women. Do men not realize this makes no sense? If you can't answer this, maybe your male readers can."

Dear Abby replied: "Dear No Fan: Not being an expert on the subject of pornography or why men enjoy it, I posed your question to a recognized expert — Larry Flynt. His answer is different than the one given by the men at the dinner party. He said that men love porn because men are aroused by the visual. Then he added that women are more turned on by the written word, which is why torrid romance novels are so popular.

"P.S.: Women who enjoy sex with abandon are not necessarily 'sluts.' Many of them have high morals, are very happily married, and find it stimulating to watch porn with their husbands."

Dear Abby commands a client list of about 1,400 newspapers worldwide, and a daily readership of more than 110 million people. She receives more than 10,000 letters and emails per week.  

Van Buren, Dear Abby's author, is one of only three laypersons ever to be granted a prestigious Life Consultant membership in the Group for Advancement of Psychiatry, an organization of nationally respected psychiatrists dedicated to shaping psychiatric thinking, public programs and clinical practice in mental health.

Her sources include Supreme Court justices, senators, members of Congress, civil rights leaders, world-renowned doctors and scientists, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. president and now one of the most recognizable names in the porn biz — Flynt.

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