to Live Stream the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards

Mar 21, 2012 12:00 PM PST

TORONTO — announced today that it will be filming and streaming the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards live from Toronto on April 20.

Operated by Canadian start-up Inlyte Corp.,the company launched in September and was nominated for the XBIZ 2012 Specialty/Alternative Site of the Year.

Organized and presented by progressive sex-shop and learning center, Good for Her, this year marks the 7th anniversary of their Feminist Porn Awards, a yearly celebration of the filmmakers and talent from across the globe who are producing artistic, feminist porn.

The producers said that for fans and industry insiders who cannot be in attendance at the awards, the live streaming of the event will be free of charge and presents an opportunity to watch, celebrate and interact virtually.

“This is the first Feminist Porn Awards that will be available live on the web” said Alison Lee, Girlzporn’s Editor-in-Chief and former Feminist Porn Awards organizer.

She added, “The FPA’s are always a great means of bringing together members of the local and international sex communities and live streaming will open up the event to a wider audience, increasing the exposure of Feminist porn directors, performers and their work.”

Girlzporn will also be implementing a live chat component to the live streaming of the awards so that people can comment on what is happening and interact with one another, as though they were live in the audience.

The Feminist Porn Awards takes place April 20 at 9 p.m. EST at the Berkeley Church at 315 Queen Street East, Toronto, Canada.

Live streaming will commence at 8 p.m. EST, kicking off with live interviews with talent in attendance and red carpet entrances.

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