L.A. Weekly Spotlights Top 5 Porn Star Teachers

Apr 4, 2012 9:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Despite what appears to be a rash of headlines about teachers who moonlight as porn stars, L.A.Weekly is reporting that these sex “educators” are nothing new.

A feature spotlighting the all-time top five porn teachers lists both straight and gay performers who’ve made news about their adult avocations.

Some of the names may have been long forgotten but their infamy lives on.

Coming in at No. 5 is Jane Moyle, a 45-year-old British teacher from South Wales who got nabbed after bringing in her school laptop for repair. The computer contained scenes of her doing the nasty with her husband who was selling the amateur footage without her consent.

Then there’s Heidi Kaeslin at No. 4, a Stockton-area teacher who just last year got busted for running MySluttyTeacher.com among other adult sites.

The No. 3 spot on the all-time list went to gay performer Shawn Loftis, who was canned from his job in Miami because of his porn star past.  Fortunately for him he won his court battle and can still teach. "This is my past and I left it behind," he told the Weekly. "I can use my experiences in life to teach kids."

Going back to the ‘90’s, U.S. Army enlistee and teacher Tericka Dye. a.k.a. Rikki Anderson, a.k.a. Tera Myers, that star of “Major Slut” and “Tight Ass” came in at No. 2. The rub on Dye was that she used the G.I. Bill to get her college degree that landed her a gig at a Kentucky high school. Once outed, her contract wasn’t renewed, but she went on to teach in a different district.

And of course the most recent teacher-cum-porn star grabbing the No. 1 spot was Stacie Halas, the science teacher who made headlines in April after being suspended from her Oxnard middle school when students discovered her former porn life in San Diego when she performed in the film “Big Sausage Pizza” among others.

Halas was put on administrative leave while the school district decides on what to do about her porn past.

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