Report Says Porn Most Popular Windows Phone Apps

Apr 9, 2012 3:30 PM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — The lack of 3rd party app development for Microsoft’s Windows Phones is making porn apps the device's go-to feature.

According to TechCrunch, although the phones include apps from top developers like Facebook,, Twitter and Angry Birds, along with Spotify, Rdio and Reddit browsers, the rest are older shareware circa Windows 95.

By default, porn apps are plentiful in the Windows Phone Marketplace and include products like “Sexy Bomb,’ “HD Babes Premium,” IKamasutra,” 1,000 Sexy Girls HD,” and more.

These adult apps are the top hits in the Entertainment, Music + Video, Lifestyle, and Health + Fitness category, according to the report. And it’s not the content that Microsoft should be ashamed of but rather its failure to support new developers.

The lack of new, interesting apps is bumping T&A to the top of searches — a practice that TechCrunch maintained is hurting the product’s image and allowing younger users ready access.

“This has long been a problem with Windows Phone. It’s a byproduct of lack of quality apps. Android had a good deal of explicit material in the beginning as well. Google effectively countered the lewd material with a smarter storefront. For better or worse, sexually explicit material has always been absent from Apple’s App Store. But Windows Phone doesn’t have the luxury of massive demand. Microsoft’s mobile platform needs all the apps it can get including the dirty ones,” TechCrunch said.

Other manufacturers like Nokia try to hide Window’s porn prominence behind a home page called App Highlights that focuses on top non-adult apps that outshines Microsfoft’s own storefront.

TechCrunch noted that it’s not advocating that Microsoft take Apple’s strict no-porn stance and admitted that porn has appeal and market relevance, but rather the tech giant should embrace more general app development so porn apps would be relegated to lower shelf space and tougher for younger users to find.

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