Sportsheets Brings Pegging to the Masses With Harness Line

Apr 25, 2012 7:00 AM PST

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. Sportsheets is at the forefront of the pegging trend with its collection of strap-on harnesses designed for couples seeking to explore sexual boundaries.

With 14 different designs from which to choose, Sportsheets said it makes it easy to find the style that best fits shoppers and their budgets. Pegging is a playful term for the sexual role reversal in which a woman penetrates her male partner using a dildo attached to a strap-on harness and couples are embracing it as an opportunity to explore new sensations, satisfy his curiosity for anal play, and even introduce deeper intimacy into their relationships.

“Sportsheets has offered designer strap-ons and harnesses for years and we’re elated to see pegging has evolved from a taboo topic to a feel-good phenomenon,” said Julie Stewart, Sportsheets vice president. “We knew it would catch on soon enough, and that’s why we cater to pegging beginners and purveyors alike with an array of fabrics, colors and styles.”

The company said the key is finding the right tools for the job, and Sportsheets’ product line is designed specifically for the selective shopper.

Sportsheets harnesses are available in latigo, lined or faux leather, as well as soft velvety fabrics and even clear vinyl for a sexy see-through design.

A thong-style harness, offering the least coverage, is also available.

Each harness is adjustable to 60-inch hips and features an O-ring to accommodate flare-based dildos and other insertables. Sportsheets also offers the Divine Diva Plus-sized Harness for full-figured women looking for a comfortable strap-on that contours to their unique curves.

The Divine Diva has padded back support and four-way adjustability to fit up to a 82-inch waist and 44-inch legs.

For product information or order details, email, or call (800) 962-4606.

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