The Pleasure Chest Sees Spike in Sales, Media Attention From ‘Fifty Shades’ Buzz

Apr 24, 2012 2:45 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Adult retailer The Pleasure Chest says it’s noticed a spike in sales for erotic books and kinky products coinciding with the explosive popularity of E.L. James’s sadomasochistic romance trilogy “Fifty Shades” and the emergence of a racy literary genre dubbed “mommyporn.”

Shortly after this spike, Pleasure Chest Director of Creative Development Kristen Tribby says she began fielding a flurry of inquiries from the media. In the last week, Tribby has spoken to “Access Hollywood,” been consulted by the Los Angeles Times and appeared on a “Nightline” news segment, about the rise of mommyporn.

“When Sex and the City introduced the world to the Rabbit vibrator in 1998, it was shot in our store,” Tribby said. “It helped bring the idea of sex toys into the mainstream. Today, we’re experiencing the first wave of a new sexual revolution in American bedrooms. Kink and erotica are going mainstream and moms are the ones driving this movement.”

The Pleasure Chest says it has seen a large increase in demand for kinky products including rope, handcuffs and whips. For readers seeking the “ben wa balls” used in the novel, Pleasure Chest staff is recommending Fun Factory Smartballs, specifically designed for promoting vaginal health and strengthening kegel muscles. They’ve also had a hard time keeping copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the shelves — according to reports, the book has already sold more copies in two weeks than any of their top selling erotica titles have in one year.

Tribby says she’s noticed that many of the new faces in the company’s West Hollywood store are groups of women, as well as men.

To meet increased demands, The Pleasure Chest has announced “Fifty Shades of Pleasure,” a workshop available chain-storewide that lets customers revisit the hottest activities from the books and explore ideas on how to incorporate them into their bedroom adventures. The Pleasure Chest is also offering Fifty Shades of Pleasure as a specialized workshop for private parties and small groups.

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