Trailer Released for Anti-Porn Horror Film 'Harmless'

May 3, 2012 10:00 AM PST

COLORADO SPRINGS — Onslaught Media has released a trailer for Christian filmmaker and comedian Rich Praytor's "Harmless," a found-footage themed horror film about a family man who unleashes an evil force when he opens the box of porn stored in his closet.

"Story is about a guy who has a box of porn," Praytor explains on "It tortures his family; it tortures his marriage; it tortures all of his kids — and he has to find a way to defeat it."

Borrowing heavily from the demonic-based blockbusters "Paranormal Activity," "The Blair Witch Project" and "The Ring," Praytor's goal is to use "Harmless" as an entertaining tool to educate people about the dangers of porn consumption.

"This is a really important movie because it communicates to families not only how quickly a thing like pornography and sexual addiction can affect a family, but how in particular it affects women," adds co-producer and costar Beverly Taylor.

Praytor is looking to release "Harmless" in October, but needs additional funding to complete the project. He has set up a page to raise $12,500 by May 15. Incentives for donations include a movie credit, free movie poster and an autographed DVD of the completed film. As of this posting, Praytor has raised $225.

To see the "Harmless" trailer, go here.

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