Online 'Work for Porn' Program Launched

May 10, 2012 8:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — (ELM), the company behind Offbeatr, the Kickstarter-like crowdfunding program for adult, has added a "Work for Porn" program.

The offering is a micro task platform where members can view and complete simple tasks and earn credits where they can then buy porn.

Tasks range from judging the quality of satellite images to rating the quality of search results to flagging images for adult content. After completing tasks members earn virtual credits that can be spent in the ELM marketplace.

ELM said that while crowd sourced work platforms have often been integrated into online social games and other mainstream websites, this is the first time such a platform has been used on an adult website.

“This was done for a good reason," said CEO Ben Tao. “Our work platform partner often has tasks that require users to review images that could contain adult content. The way these platforms get work done is by distributing their clients’ tasks to their channel partner sites. Then their users complete the tasks. However, some channel partners, like online games, not only want to shield kids from adult content, but also don’t want their brands associated with pornography. That’s where we come in and literally do the ‘dirty work.’ The end result is by doing work our members are rewarded with adult content.”

The actual work of flagging images on ELM is straightforward. Users are first presented with a list of rules provided by the work platform. The rules state what types of images should be flagged. Next the user is presented with approximately 25 different images and asked to select the images that violate the rules. Each page the user submits earns them credits to spend.

Tao added, “The Work for Porn program is exciting for many reasons. The first is in this era of ‘free adult content’ we offer an alternative method to buying content which doesn’t involve a credit card. Users can now work for it. And by earning and spending credits our sellers directly benefit.

"The second reason is the implication of what we’re doing. How by motivating users with adult content they contribute work that improves search results, helps companies create better products, and even prevents unwanted adult photos from showing up in people’s favorite websites.”

A short YouTube demo can be seen here.

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