Welcomes Director Claire Adams to Lead Bondage Sites

May 10, 2012 10:00 AM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — has named Claire Adams as the new director for its Device Bondage and Hogtied sites.

Adams, who herself started at Kink in 2003 as a sub on, is a seasoned guest director on top of being a successful model. As all things seem to come back full circle, her early Hogtied shoots were rigged by’s CEO Peter Acworth himself.

“Claire is different from previous director Matt Williams in that she is fascinated by the pure science of bondage, more specifically turning complex, ornate rope work into an experiment of body mechanics,” Acworth said.

Adams has expansive knowledge and experience and plans to take the sites into a more personal direction, allowing the audience to feel like voyeurs caught watching something intimate.

“With Device Bondage and Hogtied, I am looking forward to flexing my range,” Adams said.

“I want to show how to do the same ties in many different ways and show the versatility of rope bondage. I use techniques on others that I fantasize being used on me. Complete submission using rope as a functional tool is erotic to me.”

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