'Game of Thrones' Porn Star Blogs About Spanking

May 11, 2012 9:00 AM PST

LONDON — One of the British sex performers in HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones” is well, a sex performer who has her own porn blog.

Maisie Dee, a former AbbyWinters.com regular, who appeared in a recent episode of the show's second season as a spanking-for-hire whore, runs sex-positive “My Life and Porn” on blogpsot.

He blog subhead says, “As a porn star I get to do alot fo [sic] fun naughty things and I thought it would be ever n [sic] more fun to share them. There is a chance some real life might sneek in to [sic].”

Dee tells of her role of Daisey on the show and what it's like to work on the sex scenes, often getting graphic about how she was actually whipped by a belt rather than a prop.

He blog post said in part, “Now it has aired I can now tell you about my first day at Game of Thrones - 'That Spanking Scene.'

“I will start by telling you I was bricking it! When I did my audition I was very tired and had been doing a fair amount of spanking work so it was actually very easy to do and went exactly how I felt it should.

“I love spanking and it is something that does honestly turn me on. The trouble I have with spanking is that for it to work for me there needs to be an element of power games and if I'm honest it should be done by someone in authority who is usually older. I'm very much a lover of the school girl, headmaster/mistress or the brutal 'guardian' story roles. The scene I have done that turned me on the most in the past was where I was part of a religious fanatic cult group. My father caught me masturbating and had to beat the devil from me. It was the way he quoted the bible while punishing me that turned me on."

But the star made the distinction between fact and fantasy.

“For me spanking is great with people you don't live with, you can meet, play your make believe and go. But spanking in the home is something I have never got on with. I am a submissive person in the bedroom and do have certain ideas about what is a woman’s role in the home vs. the males. I cannot however see someone I live with as better than me. We are an equal team in life. This makes spanking weird and mostly rubbish. I get my spanking from work and when I'm not doing that kind of work I just stick to my imagination to fulfill these needs.”

Dee is not the first porn star to work on the show.

Sibel Kekilli, a former German adult star turned legitimate actress returned for season two as the mysterious prostitute Shae who debuted in the show’s premiere episode.

Dee can also be seen on spanking site SoundPunishment.com.

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