GoGoFantasy.com Newest Porn Crowdfunding Website

May 11, 2012 5:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Another porn crowdfunding website has emerged, this time focusing on kinky fantasies.

Billed as “the world's only online platform for funding and sharing porn, personal fantasies and fetishes,’ GoGoFantasy.com has carved out its own niche in the virgin adult crowdfunding arena just recently deflowered by Offbeatr and its parent company ExtraLunchMoney.com's Work for Porn.

The big difference with GoGoFantasy, besides that it welcomes categories like “pain” and “water sports,” is that its idea is patent-pending, that according to TechCrunch, could open the doors to legal action down the road.

The site describes what it does as “CrowdSexing.”  “As adults, we all have sexual fantasies, fetishes or a taste for porn in our lives.

“Some of us know exactly what we want and how we want to do it. Others have an idea and need a bit of advice and guidance from those more seasoned and experienced to get going.

“Welcome to the world of CrowdSexing, where adults can post projects for crowdfunding and also connect with a community of like-minded individuals to crowdsource expertise, knowledge and necessary partners to make their project a success,” the site’s description reads.

The site operators say that the power of the Internet lets like-minded individuals share their “fantasies/fetishes/kinks” with others. They can also raise money, and share their dreams with the rest of the world.

“Nothing is more beautiful than to be a part of a community for our most intimate passions and their realizations. That’s what GoGoFantasy.com is all about,” the site states.

Basically, the site works like most crowdfunding platforms. Users create an account, enter their project and how much they will provide in “GoGo Rewards” currency that include anything from photos, video, live webchats or webcam sessions or articles of clothing as long as they’re legal.

The site’s slogan is "Anything goes. Nothing is off-limits." “If a project is creative, bold and interesting, we will consider it. We will not censor anybody unless it is something illegal like child pornography or bestiality etc.,”  the instructions read.

When the project meets the minimum funding goal, the funds are released and the project creator goes to work. Once the project is complete and the GoGoRewards are available, the project creator can then reach out to the GoGoBackers (the project funders) through its messaging system and share the promised pay offs by directly and discreetly uploading the digital rewards straight to GoGoFantasy.com.

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