Playboy Argentina Creates Nude Twitter Campaign

May 14, 2012 9:00 AM PST

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A clever advertising campaign launched by Playboy Argentina has helped increase the magazine’s Twitter presence.

Playboy used the popularity of cover model Maria Paz Delgado, whose appearance on the local “Sabado bus” TV show is often a Twitter trending topic, to create its own “Tweetgrid,” described as “The first Playboy photo album developed 100 percent for Twitter.”

During the broadcast of the show, Playboy readers were invited to retweet their messages about the show.

For every 15 retweets, Playboy posted a new section of the grid exposing a different part of Delgado’s exclusive nude photo shoot.

Playboy said that before the first segment on the show was over, users had retweeted more than 390 times in just one hour.

The nude photo was then seen in 29 different countries including the U.S, Mexico, France, Spain, India, Kuwait and more.

Playboy said it also saw a 23 percent increase in Twitter followers in just three hours.

The success of the initial tweet session then promoted Playboy to upload a second nude photo before the show’s second commercial break in an effort to grab even more attention.

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