Christian Employee Sues Time Warner Cable Over Porn

May 17, 2012 8:15 AM PST

NEW YORK — A former employee of Time Warner Cable is suing the company for $2 million claiming that it ignored his religious complaints about co-workers watching porn on the job on 10 different occasions.

The suit, filed by Keith Reid in Manhattan Supreme Court said he walked in on a construction supervisor watching adult content in a Time Warner Brooklyn office last February.

According to reports, the incident was just one of a number of employee porn watching scenarios Reid witnessed.

"This made plaintiff very uncomfortable, as watching pornography is against his religious belief as a Christian," the suit said.

Reid also saw another co-worker watching porn a month later, according to the New York Post and brought the issue to human resources. The filing claims however, that his compalints were ignored.

As a result of blowing the whistle for a third time, Reid was suspended and fired from his job, but his accused co-workers skated.

Reid worked in the maintenance departmernt at Time Warner’s Fifth Ave. operation in Brooklyn from 2002 until February, 2011, where he maintained he had a good record.

Time Warner spokesman Eric Mangan told the New York Daily News that the company would not comment.

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