Porn Star/Psych Professor Profiled in Florida Sun Sentinel

May 17, 2012 12:30 PM PST

MIAMI — South Florida resident Leena Sky is a porn star…and a professor of psychology at Broward County College.

The 33-year old mother of two was profiled in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, focusing on her dual career as PhD (with three degrees to her name) and performer who recently wrapped up her 5th hardcore film.

Her porn resume includes work for Bang Bros., and the Cheetah strip club in Pompano Beach.

“I have two sides to myself,” Sky told the Sun Sentinel. “There is a very conservative side that led me to become an educated person with a career, and there’s the other side that wants to be different.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the sex industry. And I’m very good at it,” she said.

Divorce, the stress of single motherhood and $125,000 in student loan debt prompted Sky to enter adult, that began with a stint as a webcam model.

She then did her industry homework that led to work on hardcore films.

Sky described a recent filming in New Jersey: “It was the most-intense experience of my life, and I rocked it. I’m not completely in love with every aspect, but after that, I feel like I can do anything.”

The performer said she earned $1,100 for two hours on the shoot. Her normal licensed therapist fee is about $200 an hour.

Having a mental health background makes Sky “keenly aware of the societal dangers porn and its harmful influence on relationships in the Internet age,” the report said. But she maintained that, like drugs or alcohol, the obsession is the problem, not the cause.

Recognizing herself as a MILF with a limited time left to become a major porn star, Sky said if she died tomorrow, at least she “lived a life that was authentic and real.”

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