Tablets a Bright Spot for Porn, Juniper Study Says

Jun 11, 2012 2:00 PM PST

HAMPSHIRE, U.K. — The growth in the tablet user base worldwide will cause the number of adult content users on tablets to triple by 2015, according to a new report from Juniper Research.

Adult videochat users on tablets also are seen as tripling by 2015, said the report's author, researcher Charlotte Miller.

Revenues generated on tablets are said to increase by more than five times by 2017, and average annual expenditures on mobile adult subscriptions for handsets will increase by 11 percent by 2015.

"Tablets combine the privacy of a smartphone with a large screen, particularly suited for content consumption," Miller said. "It is clear that, as with many other types of content, users of mobile adult content will want to access content on their tablets as well as on smartphones and PCs."

Juniper's whitepaper on the adult mobile space, "Mobilising Adult Revenues" is part of a full study titled "Mobile Adult Content: Trends, Drivers and Business Models, 2012-2017." The study interviewed scores of adult companies that have properties in the mobile space.

Some of the companies interviewed or profiled in the report include Bango, CamContacts, Cherrysauce, SexGoes Mobile, Manwin, Melon Mobile, Pink Visual, Private Media Group, Twistbox Entertainment and Vivid Entertainment, Spankmo, Adultmoda, AEBN/Xobile, FriendFinder Networks and MiKandi.

Miller said that while the numbers of users accessing mobile adult content on tablets will grow rapidly, a significant proportion of tablets are shared devices will restrict growth.

The move towards "multiscreen" experiences also means that consumers may be reluctant to purchase content solely for the tablet, the report said. In some regions, legislation and social attitudes towards adult content will also restrain the growth of the mobile adult industry.

Tablet owners, the study said, are generally more affluent than the average user, and are more likely than smartphone users to own a credit card – even in emerging markets. This means that tablet users are likely to spend more and more often on mobile adult content than the average smartphone user.

A copy of the report sells for £1750.


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