Ex-Gangbang Star Houston Surfaces With New Book

Jun 19, 2012 7:45 AM PST

LAS VEGAS — Ex-gangbang star Houston, whose claim to fame was having sex with 620 men in one day, is releasing a new book about her life in and out of porn.

Houston, whose real name is Kim Halsey, is featured in an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal talking about how she escaped the film and stripping scene in Los Angeles and beat her crystal meth addiction in her new home in Las Vegas.

"I was doing crystal meth, like, majorly. I was a functioning addict," Houston told the Review-Journal. "I knew I was gonna die. I would have died if I had stayed in L.A."

In 2003 the then porn star moved to Lake Las Vegas to begin her nine year trip to sobriety, detailed in her book, “Houston: Pretty Enough," written with author Charles Lupula.

But during her 15 minutes of fame, Houston was a big draw on the Howard Stern radio show and said that on a trip to Poland she was greeted at the airport like it was the Beatles getting off of the plane.

Despite the fact that she was attractive enough to be modeling and entered into beauty pageants from the age of 15, Houston struggled with her self-image. She said she never felt pretty enough.

And her insecurities led to numerous plastic surgeries.

“But it's just something inside. I just didn't like myself too much, and I thought the plastic surgery would help me inside. But it doesn't."

With the dark side behind her, Houston now admits that she likes being Houston and still cashes checks from her website.

She’s also earned a medical assisting degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is a phlebotimist who can draw patients’ blood

"I was numb for about 10 years. And now being sober, I can just feel everything, and it's just me," Houston said.

"I'm not running from my fans anymore because it's a different game. ... I'm not running anymore from anything."

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