Porn Star Teacher Stacie Halas Dismissal Hearing Set for Oct.

Jul 25, 2012 1:00 PM PST

OXNARD, Calif. — Middle school science teacher Stacie Halas, currently on paid administrative leave from Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School for having once performed in adult videos, will have her dismissal case heard on Oct. 22.

Attorneys Gloria Allred and Rich Schwab are representing Halas, who was fired on April 18 by the Oxnard Elementary School District after unanimously concluding that the 32-year-old's pornographic past — exposed by students at Haydock Intermediate School in March — would disrupt its learning environment.

Halas, however, filed an appeal with the Office of Administrative Hearing and has remained on paid leave. An administrative law judge will now hear Allred and Schwabs' motions for dismissal on Oct. 22.

"The mere fact the district objects to her former line of work does not render her unfit to teach," Allred told "Even a conviction, which she does not have, for certain offenses does not qualify her unfit to teach."

The Oxnard Elementary School District, which hired Halas in 2009, claimed in documents filed with the Office of Administrative Hearing that Halas lied about her past and failed to cite it as the reason for her resignation from Simi Valley High School in 2007, noting an email from Assistant Superintendent Don Gaudios, who wrote that Halas had initially denied working in porn, but later admitted it and resigned.

According to the Internet Adult Film Database, Halas performed under the alias Tiffany Six in 22 pornographic titles during the period between 2005 and 2007. Halas refutes having performed in 2007.

In a March 12 meeting with Oxnard Elementary School District officials and its legal counsel, Halas, Allred and Schwab fielded numerous questions about Halas' porn career, including inquiries over her appearance in the Jules Jordan Video "No Cum Dodging Allowed 7," in which she tells director Mike John that shooting the video is "very risky for me cause I am a teacher."

According to interview transcripts, Halas said the video was scripted and shot in 2005. "I was told what to say," she said. "I was not in the teaching profession at the time."

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