Spring, Summer Top Seasons for Online Porn Searches

Jul 25, 2012 1:45 PM PST

VILLANOVA, Pa. — Most Americans search for online porn during the spring and summer according to new research.

Those findings are the result of a study conducted by the Archives of Sexual Behavior that traced the trends over the last five years.

Looking at Google Trends for sex terms and phrases, the researchers found a distinct six-month cycle in the U.S. with two yearly peaks in spring and summer.

The top most often searched porn keywords included ‘‘porn,’’ ‘‘boobs,’’ ‘‘xvideos,’’ ‘‘tits,’’‘‘sex,’’ ‘‘pussy,’’ ‘‘hentai,’’ ‘‘xxx,’’ ‘‘nude,’’ and ‘‘milf.”

But it's not only porn that spikes in the hazy, lazy days. Those seeking sexual hook-ups also got busy.

Often used terms for areas like illegal prostitution included a keyword set with ‘call girl,’’ ‘‘escort,’’ ‘‘massage parlor,’’ ‘‘brothel,’’ and ‘‘prostitute.”

And users looking for online mates yielded 10 popular websites including ‘‘eHarmony,’’ ‘‘Yahoo Personals,’’ ‘‘AOL Personals,’’ ‘‘Plenty of Fish,’’ ‘‘Zoosk,’’ ‘‘Singles Net,’’ ‘‘Friend Finder,’’ ‘‘JDate,’’ ‘‘Match.com,’’ and ‘‘Okcupid.”

The results of the findings are particularly noteworthy considering that the researchers found that searches in other categories don’t reflect such distinct seasonal patterns.

It just may be that the old adage “Ah, spring, when a young man’s [or woman’s] fancy turns to love” could have something to do with the climate in the U.S., or perhaps as Neuroskeptic contends, the findings “reflect a more primitive biological cycle” that’s still a mystery.

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