Katie K. Joins Television X Series 'Weird Science XXX'

Jul 27, 2012 2:30 PM PST

LONDON — British starlet Katie K. is set to make her debut this Saturday on "Weird Science XXX," the new adult parody series from director Dick Bush, currently airing on adult entertainment channel Television X and TelevisionX.com.

The five-part spoof is a send-up of the 1985 John Hughes comedy "Weird Science," about a pair of awkward high school teens who utilize their computer — and a freak lightning storm — to create the perfect woman to disasterous, but comical results.

The parody keeps the original's humor and heart intact, but does make a few plot and setting changes. The male protagonists, for instance, are now office employed twenty-somethings who create their perfect woman in the image of British MILF Tanya Tate.

Katie K. joins the series in its fourth episode and plays male lead Danny D. after he's transformed into a female stripper by Tate.She describes the experience as both fun and challenging.

"It was definitely different than what I'm used to and it was so nice getting a chance to goof around and try new and funny things on set," Katie K said. "I had to act like a guy would if he were wearing high heels for the first time, then dance on a pole like a guy. It's was so silly and so much fun."

"Weird Science XXX" is produced by Andy P. and costars Abbie Cat, Katie K. and Keira Knight. A safe-for-work trailer can be seen here.

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