Former Pick-up Coach Offering Porn Star Sex Advice

Aug 2, 2012 7:00 AM PST

NEW YORK — Here’s a spoiler alert to the host of folks who are laying out $1,000 a pop to hear porn stars' sex secrets at a New York workshop — more times than not they’re acting.

Despite the fact, for more than two years, a New York entrepreneur, Josh Rosenberg, 30, has been selling “Porn Star Sex Life” live workshops, online videos, e-books and website memberships, and he's making a killing.

According to, Rosenberg with the help of performers Ryan Keely, Justine Joli and Jade Vixen, has booked one of his one-grand-per-ticket West Village workshops to the tune of 60 attendees — and the porn stars don’t even get naked.

His website also features “head instructor” Isabella Stone, performers Jade Vixen, McKenzee Miles, and a few BDSM doms.

But Rosenberg isn’t a virgin to the mating game. His website bio describes him as “a respected dating and attraction coach” who also created pick-up website (that also features Keely), “aimed at teaching men all of the best practices, ideas, theories and techniques they need to know in order to meet, attract and date more women.”

The lifelong city guy runs his mini-empire from his bedroom and said that he teaches people “how to fuck,” through the course and website. Online video versions of the 8-hour workshop go for $67 for 10 modules that include titles like "Sensual Touch" and "Things You See in Porn That are Bad Ideas."

It’s billed as "sex education for couples, adults” by founder Rosenberg, who said that his series is for “anyone who wanted a more satisfying sex life” and “not for people just trying to pick up a piece of ass at a bar.”

Although the source of the “secrets” comes from porn stars, the emphasis is reportedly on what happens before there’s sex as much as what goes on in bed — like when and how to approach a woman.

One male attendee said, "It was everything — that's what the workshop was about. Not just the sex, but things that make women want to be open with you. The whole confidence factor thing really hammered home.”

A Los Angeles dating coach, Marni Kinrys gave the course “educational” kudos and asked why people wouldn’t want to take sex lessons — one of the most important parts of their lives?

Rosenberg said that his brainchild is a lot sexier than a lecture and it’s about “caring for your partner.”

And apparently lots of folks do care. The report said Rosenberg would earn in the high “six figures” by the end of the year.

He’s now scaled down the live workshops to one a year and is moving more to the Internet, explaining that online sales are not only more cost effective, but it makes it easier to deal with bi-coastal porn stars.

The former pick-up pro also has his “Bedroom Titan,” e-book on tap, and a more kinky “Sexual Pioneer System” series “for people comfortable pushing the limits of their comfort zone" — and their wallets.

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