Sunny Leone Quitting Porn Performing - For Now

Aug 2, 2012 8:00 AM PST

MUMBAI, India — It was just a matter of time. On the eve of her Bollywood film debut in “Jism 2,” adult star and new Indian media darling Sunny Leone announced that she’ll no loner perform in porn — at least for the next few years.

The Hindustan Times reported that Leone is ditching porn to focus on making Hindi films, and that she’s already confirmed for one new movie and is talking with major filmmakers.

Leone will however continue to run her Sun Lust Pictures Company based in Los Angeles. A source said her adult movies would still be made, but she would be mainly in the production and supervision capacity and will continue to travel between Mumbai and L.A.

"Yes, for next couple of years it would be only feature films for me. Of course I would be continuing to make adult movies in the West; after all I have an office and a staff there which means I have to keep the ball rolling there. However, I won't be seen in these films," Leone told the Times.

The Indo-Canadian star recently received feelers from major Bollywood producers to star in more productions, no doubt prompting her exit from porn roles.

Commenting on the expected disappointment from her online fans Leone said, "Well, [they’ll] see me on the big screen, that should be a good enough bonus."

Hype for her “Jism 2” premiere had Leone posing for promotional  “bedroom shots” in a central Delhi hotel draped in white bed sheet and wearing a matching bra.

The star was also mobbed by fans upon her arrival at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport last Saturday. Husband and chief promoter Daniel Weber was with Leone and reportedly pleased with the buzz surrounding her newfound fame.

Despite the hoopla, Leone’s film’s title, “Jism” (that means “body” in Hindi), and her porn star past, have sparked controversy in the country according to the Washington Post, causing a backlash from traditionalists who have torn down its poster, led a crackdown on bars in Mumbai and are pushing for an informal curfew for women.

The criticism has caused Leone some anxiety over her newfound celebrity but she said, "Of course, for me to step into a feature film was a big decision. There is a definite story that is being told in ‘Jism 2,’ it is not frivolous cinema by any means. [Director] Pooja (Bhatt) did tell me that she would present me well. Yes, the promos may have given an indication of a sex-laden film but inherently it is a dramatic thriller. Wait for some surprises."

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