All-Girl Porn Band Mockumentary Gets DVD Release Date

Aug 3, 2012 3:00 PM PST

NEW YORK — Wild Eye Releasing and MVD Entertainment have set a Sept. 25 release date for director and producer Shaun Donnelly's "Tight," a mockumentary on the "world's first all-girl, porn star rock band."

Described by The New York Post as the "best mockumentary since Spinal Tap," the film follows porn stars Monica Mayhem, Tuesday Cross, Alicia Andrews and Layla Labelleas as they tour across the nation as unsigned rock outfit Tight.

Former adult star Bree Olson costars in the rock-comedy as the band's manager and personal cheerleader. “The biggest challenge a porn star band faces is being taken seriously,” she said. “These are very talented musicians but not everyone is willing to give them a chance.”

"Tight" is co-produced by Jason Danilak and Wes Kezar. Costars include Joel Chanin and Tatum Wright. A one-minute trailer for the film can be seen on Wild Eye Releasing's YouTube page.

Mayhem, who served as Tight's original vocalist in the film, was recently replaced by ex-porn star Kelley Jean.

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