Video: Pink Visual's Q Boyer Talks About Porn, Politics on RT

Aug 9, 2012 4:30 PM PST

TUSCON, Ariz. — Q Boyer, who leads Pink Visual's public relations efforts, discussed with RT America today reasons why many in the porn business — from performers to distributors — have a close eye on the presidential race as the November election nears.

In a segment called "Strange Bedfellows," RT host Liz Wahl noted that more porn stars have thrust themselves in the middle of the political arena, with stars such  as Kimberly Kane, Jessica Drake, Kristina Rose, Kayden Kross and Joanna Angel, among others, swinging to President Obama's side.

But Boyer, a veteran in the porn industry, said that the business of porn is indeed political because of its inherent nature being regulated by government and scorned by certain morality groups.

"I'm not sure the star endorsement is the most sought-after for members of the presidential candidate," Boyer said. "I don't know that the Romney campaign is going to be counting the endorsement of Jenna Jameson anytime soon. Our industry is heavily regulated and those regulations tend to come from the government so we will be keenly interested in what they're up to."

Boyer went on to discuss about possible future ramifications of the business in relation to the candidates, including orders for crackdowns, as well as the industry's challenge with piracy.

Boyer's 6-minute, 50-second interview via Skype was the second with RT, also known as Russia Today.

"I guess I first came to their attention by way of the article that PC Mag ran on the Google Glass project several weeks back, which included comments from me," Boyer told XBIZ.

"I think that what often happens where the relationship between the mainstream media and the porn industry is concerned is that once a mainstream outlet finds a person in the porn industry who can speak in complete sentences without use of the word 'fuck,' they tend to turn that person into a go-to source for future commentary."

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