Google Makes 3 Algorithm Changes Targeting Adult Content

Aug 13, 2012 11:30 AM PST

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google has made 86 search-quality changes in the past few months, including three that specifically impact adult content searches.

Google, in a post on its official search blog, reported the following adult content search changes, along with codenames and descriptions, for June and July:

  • Vuvuzela. "We've updated SafeSearch to unify the handling of adult video content in videos mode and in the main search results. Explicit video thumbnails are now filtered more consistently."
  • #81977. "This change updates our synonyms systems to make it less likely we'll return adult content when users aren't looking for it."
  • Labradoodle. "We've updated SafeSearch algorithms to better detect adult content."

Other Google search changes for June and July include:­­­­

  • uefa-euro1. "Addition of a live result showing schedule and scores of the EURO 2012 games (European championship of national soccer teams)."
  • #82293. "Improved dictionary search feature by adding support for more natural language searches."
  • Better HTML5 resource caching for mobile. "We’ve improved caching of different components of the search results page, dramatically reducing latency in a number of cases."
  • ng2. "Better ordering of top results using a new and improved ranking function for combining several key ranking features."
  • Ref-16. "Changes to an "official pages" algorithm to improve internationalization."
  • Bamse. "This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources."
  • Bamse-17L. "This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources."
  • GreenLandII. We've incorporated new data into the Panda algorithm to better detect high-quality sites and pages.
  • #82353. "This change refreshes data for the Panda high-quality sites algorithm.
  • SuperQ2. "We've updated a signal for Google Images to help return more on-topic image search results.
  • #82743. "Changes to the calculator feature to improve recognition of queries containing "and," such as [4 times 3 and a half].
  • komodo. "Data refresh for system used to better understand and search for long-tail queries.
  • #82580. "This is an improvement for showing the sunrise and sunset times search feature.
  • PitCode. "This launch adds live results for Nascar, MotoGP, and IndyCar. This is in addition to Formula1 results, which were already available.
  • timeob. "We've improved natural language detection for the time feature to better understand questions like, "What time is it in India?"
  • #81933. "This launch improves use of query synonyms in ranking. Now we're less likely to show documents where the synonym has a different meaning than the original search term.
  • #82496. "Changes made to the movie showtimes feature on mobile to improve recognition of natural language queries and overall coverage.
  • #82367. "This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.
  • #82699. "We've made it easier to quickly compare places. Now you can hover over a local result and see information about that place on the right-hand side.
  • CapAndGown. "On many webpages, the most important images are closely related to the overall subject matter of the page. This project helps you find these salient images more often.
  • #82769. "Improvements to the calculator feature on mobile to improve handling of queries that contain both words and numbers such as [4 times 3 divided by 2].
  •  #82537. "We've enabled natural language detection for the currency conversion feature to better understand questions like, "What is $500 in euros?"
  • #82519. "We've enabled natural language detection for the flight status feature to better understand questions about flight arrival times and status.
  • #82879. "We've improved the triggering for the "when is" feature and understanding of queries like, "When is Mother's Day?"
  • wobnl0330. "Improvements to display of the weather search feature.
  • Lime. "This change improves the interaction between various search components to improve search results for searches looking for fresh content.
  • gas station. "This change removes the boilerplate text in sitelinks titles, keeping only the information useful to the user.
  • #81776. "We've improved natural language detection for the unit conversion feature to better understand questions like, "What is 5 miles in kilometers?"
  • #81439. "Improved display of the finance feature for voice search queries on mobile.
  • #82666. "This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.
  • #82541. "This is one of multiple projects that we're working on to make our system for clustering web results better and simpler.
  • gaupe. "Improves display of the flights search feature. Now, this result shows for queries with destinations outside the US, such as [flights from Austin to London].
  • #82887. "We've improved natural language processing for the dictionary search feature.
  • gallium-2. "This change improves synonyms inside concepts.
  • zinc-4. "This change improves efficiency by not computing synonyms in certain cases.
  • Manzana2. "This launch improves clustering and ranking of links in the expanded sitelinks feature.
  • #82921. "We've improved finance results to better understand finance-seeking queries spoken on mobile.
  • #82936. "Improved display of the weather search feature, so you can ask [weather in california"or [is it hot in italy].
  • #82935. "We've improved natural language detection for the sunrise/sunset feature.
  • #82460. "With this change we're using synonyms to better generate accurate titles for web results.
  • #82953. "This change improves detection of queries about weather.
  • PandaMay. "We launched a data refresh for our Panda high-quality sites algorithm.
  • ItsyBitsy. "To improve the quality of image results, we filter tiny, unhelpful images at the bottom of our image results pages.
  • localtimeob. "We've improved display of the local time search feature.
  • #82536. "We've improved natural language detection to better understand queries about baseball and return the latest baseball information about MLB, such as schedules and the latest scores.
  • Improvements to Images Universal ranking. "We significantly improved our ability to show Images Universal on infrequently searched-for queries.
  • absum3. "This launch helps us select better titles to display in the search results. This is a change to our algorithm that will specifically improve the titles for pages that are in non-Latin based languages.
  • #83051. "We've improved display of local business information in certain mobile use cases. In particular, we'll highlight information relevant to the search, including phone numbers, addresses, hours and more.
  • calc2-random. "This change improves our understanding of calculator-seeking queries.
  • #82961. "When you search for directions to or from a location on your mobile device without specifying the start point, we'll return results starting from your current position.
  • #82984. "This was previously available for users searching on in English, and now it's available for all users searching in English on any domain.
  • #82150. "Refresh of our algorithms for spelling systems in eight languages.
  • NoPathsForClustering. "We've made our algorithm for clustering web results from the same site or same path (same URL up until the last slash) more consistent. This is one of multiple projects that we're working on to make our clustering system better and simpler.
  • Hamel. "This change updates a model we use to help you find high-quality pages with unique content.
  • Homeland. "This is an improvement to autocomplete that will help users to get predicted queries that are more relevant to their local country.
  • #82948. "We've improved our natural language processing to improve display of our movie showtimes feature.
  • yoyo. "This change leads to more useful text in sitelinks.
  • popcorn. "We've made a minor update to our algorithm that detects if a page is an "article." This change facilitates better snippets.
  • Golden Eagle. "When Google Instant is turned off, we'll sometimes show a direct link to a site in the autocomplete predictions. With this change we refreshed the data for those predictions.
  • #82301. "This change improves an aspect of our serving systems to save capacity and improve latency.
  • #82392. "This launch improves the efficiency of the Book Search ranking algorithms, making them more consistent with Web Search.
  • Challenger. "This is another change that will help get rid of generic boilerplate text in Web results' titles, particularly for sitelinks.
  • #83166. "This change is a major update to Google Maps data for the following regions: CZ, GR, HR, IE, IT, VA, SM, MO,PT, SG, LS. This new data will appear in maps universal results.
  • #82515. "This change improves the detection of queries that would benefit from translated results.
  • bergen. "This is one of multiple projects that we're working on to make our system for clustering web results better and simpler.
  • Panda JK"­­­­­We launched Panda on and to promote more high-quality sites for users in Japan and Korea.
  • rrfix4. "This is a bug fix to a freshness algorithm. This change turns off a freshness algorithm component in certain cases when it should not be affecting the results.
  • eventhuh4. "We'll show a list of upcoming events in the Knowledge Graph for city-related searches such as [san francisco"and [events in san francisco].
  • #83483. "This change helps surface navigation directions directly in search results for more queries.
  • Zivango. " change leads to more diverse search refinements.
  • #80568. "This change improves our algorithm for generating site hierarchies for display in search result snippets.
  • JnBamboo. "We’ve updated data for our Panda high-quality sites algorithm.
  • #83242. "This change improves news universal display by using entities from the Knowledge Graph.
  • #75921. "For some time we've shown personalized predictions in Autocomplete for users who've enabled Web History on in English. With this change, we're internationalizing the feature.
  • #83301. "Similar to the live results we provide for sports like baseball or European football, you can now search on Google and find rich, detailed information about the latest schedule, medal counts, events, and record-breaking moments for the world's largest sporting spectacle.
  • #83432. "This change helps users find more fresh trending queries in Japanese as part of autocomplete.

Google last week made another announcement over its algorithms. The Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant  announced that sites generating too many copyright takedown notices would be moved lower in search rankings.

The new initiative, which starts this week, poses a new weapon against rampant infringement on the web. Google said that in the past month alone, more than 4.3 million domains were flagged for possible piracy violations.

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