Playboy TV Tackles Sex Myths, Legends in New Original Series

Aug 24, 2012 7:30 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Playboy TV thinks that people have sex all wrong and the producers of a new show called “The Truth About Sex” are willing to prove it.

Premiering Aug. 25, the original series uses real science and elaborate experiments to debunk misinformation and reveal the truth, according to Playboy.

Helmed by executive produced Jon Hotchkiss, the former show runner of the Showtime series “Penn &Teller Bullshit,” the new,10-part series mixes sex with science to answer the world’s most provocative questions.

The show tackles questions like, “Ever wonder if foot size really correlates with the length of a man’s penis? Or if men can tell when a woman is faking an orgasm? Is there a scientific explanation for ‘Beer Goggles?’ Can a man poke the baby in the head if he has sex with a pregnant woman? Does breast size correlate with intelligence?, and Are blonde women more sexually adventurous?”

Playboy said these are only a handful of the urban legends, myths, and brainwashing many of us suffered from misguided sex education films. Each comedic half-hour episode will answer these questions and more with a healthy dose of nudity thrown in.

“For over half a century, Playboy has been the trusted source for sexual advice,” Wendy Miller, vice president of development and current programming said. “Everybody’s always wondered about these questions, now we’re combining real sex with real science to get to the real truth.”

Playboy TV viewers were invited to submit many of the questions answered on the show and each episode tackles multiple topics while also offering never-before-seen statistics about sex and human sexuality.

Executive producer Jon Hotchkiss added, “Sex is exhilarating and fun…or so I’ve read on the Internet. It’s also complicated and confusing. With this new series, I’m thrilled we’re able to clear up the complications, debunk the misinformation, and still give Playboy TV’s audience what it desires: facts. Naked facts.”

The schedule and NSFW trailer can be found at

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