Porn Star April Flores Welcomes Fans Into Her 'World'

Sep 9, 2012 12:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Plus-size performer April Flores and producing partner Carlos Batts have announced the upcoming release of “April’s World,” an erotic cinéma vérité film documenting Flores’ adventures in the porn industry, while providing insight into her thoughts.

 “For this film, we decided that we wanted to go in a new direction,” said Flores. “This film does not focus only on sex – I see it as an erotic art film. After many years of not speaking in films, this movie is an opportunity to introduce my personality to the audience beyond just the physical.”

 “April’s World” captures a year in Flores’ life, and provides clips from her modeling and performing gigs, confessionals in which she shares life stories and lessons, and wild behind-the-scenes antics (i.e. a pie fight on the streets of Hollywood, Calif. With “Money Shot” author Christa Faust).

 “I’ve done so many interviews where I talk about my life,” Flores said. “In this film, I am able to share certain aspects of it beyond printed words.

"We wanted to make this film for my fans, who draw inspiration from seeing a plus size woman," Flores continued. "I specifically had my female fans in mind while doing the film. We also wanted to make this film as a pseudo-reality show; this is our own take on our own reality. I want to always be authentic, and this film is as authentic as I can be.” will release “April’s World” on Sept. 12. 

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