Forbes Asks Porn Biz About Possible GOP Crackdown

Sep 13, 2012 9:15 AM PST

NEW YORK — Is the porn biz worried about a possible Republican President?  Forbes wants to know.

A new article queried a number of prominent adult industry types — some of whom had serious brushes with the law and have strong feelings about the possibility of a new wave of obscenity police descending upon Porn Valley.

Evil Angel’s John Stagliano told Forbes, “They want to put me in jail, basically” when asked about the new line in the GOP platform that stresses the need to vigorously enforce obscenity laws.

Stagliano said he believes any government that legislates people’s morality is a threat and offered his Libertarian stance.

“My morality would be based on, as long as you don’t harm somebody, anything should be permitted,” Stagliano said. “The government can’t solve our problems.”

Forbes also noted the obscenity conviction of director and producer Ira Isaacs, quoting his attorney Roger Diamond regarding any new attempt by the Department of Justice to prosecute obscenity cases.

Diamond said it woul be a waste of money and added, “It would also put a chill in Southern California. The economy in Southern California is based in a large part on the adult film industry. They employ a lot of people.”

Isaacs himself said he was broke as a result of the trial and conviction and that he’s not afraid of going to jail. He maintained that he doesn’t regret his actions and wasn’t shocked about the results of the trial but felt the whole process was “surreal.”

“It’s a big adventure when you do big political things like I did. These are the risks you have to take. I have to do the time. I accept the responsibility. And if that means going to prison, I do it. That’s just the way it is. It doesn’t scare me,” Isaacs said.

Forbes also asked porn folk as to their choice for President come November.

Adult star Lisa Ann who recently performed her Sarah Palin act in Tampa, Fla., not surprisingly, said she is voting for President Obama and believes porn fans will follow suit.

“I think Romney wants to take us back about 125 years,” Ann said.

Webcam star Sovereign Syre likened the GOP to Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and maintained that it’s nearly impossible to effectively legislate porn what with all of the free content available via social media and the web.

Moreover, she pointed out that if Mitt Romney is elected and enforces a new crackdown, industry regulated porn will diminish, creating a health risk for performers.

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