Bosnian Mayoral Candidate Using Porn in Campaign

Sep 13, 2012 1:00 PM PST

ZENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina — An independent candidate is heating up his run for mayor in Bosnia’s fourth-largest city by using porn video clips to spice up his campaign.

Underdog Mirad Hadziahmetovic embraced adult content in an effort to win the October election in the city of Zenica.

The Associated Press reported that the candidate decided to upload the adult content to his official campaign site after realizing that there are huge numbers of porn users on the web.

But in order to access the content, users must answer questions, such as “What is more important for Zenica, job creation or increasing the municipal budget through taxes?”

The creative candidate however doesn't sign off his videos with the the standard U.S. "I approve this message" boilerplate.

Instead, each clip ends with recorded video of Hadziahmetovic talking directly to camera and saying, “If you liked this clip, vote for me.”

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