Ex-Porn Star Avena Lee Discusses New DJ Career

Oct 9, 2012 1:30 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Ex-porn performer Avena Lee is set to embark on a new career as a DJ. The star of more than 160 adult titles is under the mentorship of Orange County-based hip/hop crew the Beat Junkies.

In an interview with HipHopDX.com, Lee talks about her new venture and leaving porn behind.

"I haven’t shot a movie for like four years — at least three, four years," Lee told the site. "And it’s my choice; I look good right now. I look really good. I could go jump back in right now and clock some dollars.

"It’s not even about that. I’m over it. It’s not where my head’s at, you know? People grow, they change; things change, people change. How you feel today is not necessarily how you might feel about things tomorrow."

Lee reveals that part of what has made her transition from porn to DJing easier is the fact that she didn't perform any sex acts that she deemed to be degrading.

"You can do things and still get respect and change your life and do other things," Lee explained. "I have respect because I didn’t do anal, gangbang, double penetration or anything disrespecting me. I’m an alpha female; I control things. I was always in control. Nobody disrespected me."

Lee also talks about the union between hip/hop and porn and the misconception rap artists have about the industry and porn performers in general.

"Hip/hop and porn... I mean all the rappers rap about being in pornos. It’s like, 'dude, you don’t even know what it takes to be a porno star,'” Lee said. "Cause it’s not about fucking; it’s about cameras and angles. It’s about opening up; it’s about your back being arched; it’s about the fucking lighting. There’s so many different elements, and you think it’s just [about] fucking."

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