Fyre TV Launches Google TV Native Porn App

Oct 8, 2012 3:00 PM PST

MIAMI — Adult VOD provider Fyre TV launched today the first native Android porn app for Google TV devices. While the app is not available through the Google Play app store, it can be downloaded at FyreTV.com and installed as a third party app.

"We saw how Android went from last to first in terms of mobile market share and we are expecting a similar result here," Fyre TV told Gigaom.com. "Plus with their international rollout, it allows our users from a wider range of countries to experience FyreTV the way it was meant to be experienced, on the TV.”

Fyre TV, initially launched as IPTV set-top box in 2008 by Ecuadorian business entrepreneur Estefano Isaias, offers 15,000-plus adult films from more than 100 studios. The company recently struck deals with Boxee and Roku to distribute their service.

But, its native Android app for Google TV is looking to be Fyre TV's most exciting venture yet. "From what we have seen, users are more likely to engage with the service when they feel it is a ‘part’ of their device and not just another website,” Fyre TV said.

That's not to say Fyre TV won't embrace HTML5 technology. "We do see HTML5 as an important factor in providing FyreTV access to a wider user base," the company said. "Particularly on TV devices that would never allow us to go native.”

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