Video: U.K. Porn Biz Adapting With More Live Cams, BBC Reports

Oct 25, 2012 11:45 AM PST
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LONDON — The adult live cam market is burgeoning in the U.K. with nearly 5,000 performers plying their trade, according to the Adult Industry Trade Association in an article published today.

AITA's Tom Dennis, an adult entertainment producer in the U.K., said that the meteoric rise of the adult live cam biz in the U.K. is in direct response to plummeting sales of DVDs due to the proliferation of free porn tube sites and rampant piracy.

"Less work comes around because people aren't supporting the porn industry," Dennis told the BBC in the article, which is accompanied by a video. "They'd rather watch their porn for free then pay for it."

Dennis, however, said that the live cam biz has some key advantages and has righted a sinking industry here in the U.K.

"It's live and cannot be pirated," Dennis said. "It means that performers can directly get paid from their online performances."

The BBC article went on to discuss ATVOD's role in regulating porn and its frustration dealing with hardcore content from overseas websites.

ATVOD, the U.K. regulatory czar for video-on-demand, requires websites to keep pornographic images out of reach of those under 18. But those regulations under Rule 11 do not for those sites operated overseas.

Today's article also puts a spotlight on Amanda, a performer who uses live cams as her main source of income.  

 "I think it's going to take over to be fair, the webcamming side of stuff," she said.

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