Wants Miley Cyrus in Porn Video

Nov 5, 2012 7:15 AM PST

MONTREAL — wants to turn a pop star into a porn star — sort of — and they could pay up to a $1 million to make it happen.

After learning that pop star Miley Cyrus tapped adult starlet Jessie Andrews to appear in the music video for her new “Decisions” release with DJ Borgore, pin site has reached out to Cyrus asking her to do a nude girl/girl kissing scene with Andrews in a XXX remake of the video.

In a letter obtained by TMZ, communications director Martin Ellison said he’s already contacted Andrews’ manager and has secured the same Beacher’s Madhouse, and cast to shoot the film.

“After seeing a preview for the video 'Decisions,' we were floored at how sexy both her, and porn star Jessie Andrews look together,” Ellison wrote.

In Cyrus’ video, Cyrus makes out with her fiance’ Liam Hemsworth. Ellison wants to replace Liam with Andrews in his sex-uped version.

The letter said, “We aren't looking to make a boy/girl ‘Hannah Does Montana’ sex video here, but rather a softer ‘girl on girl’ version. Of course your client would be compensated extremely well to be nude and to have ‘erotic’ girl on girl relations."

Ellison claimed members have been clamoring to see Cyrus and Andrews together after news of the music video broke. He said that it would be up to Cyrus as to how explicit she would want to take the scene.

And he said Cyrus would be "compensated extremely well."  According to TMZ, the paychcek could be up to $1 million.

“Considering they are both sexy and youthful in their appearance, we think this could be the most downloaded video of all time,” Ellison wrote in the letter.

Although Andrews appeared in Cyrus’ video, the two never had screen time together.

The adult star told MTV that she made a last minute cameo after she happened to be on set at the time of the shoot.

Andres said, "I was actually just coming to support. I wasn't supposed to be in the video. They needed more girls, and they were like, 'Be in it! Be in it!' And I was like, 'No,' because the song is about me."

But she finally agreed, sparking immediate mainstream buzz considering Cyrus' former "Disney" link.

No word from Cyrus’ camp on whether she would consider’s offer.

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