Wasteland BDSM Virtual World Launches

Nov 12, 2012 9:00 AM PST

BOSTON — Wasteland.com, a leading BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyle site, will have a grand opening for Virtual Wasteland, a 3D live interaction community playground within Red Light Center, unveiling the largest 3D virtual space devoted to the BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyle, all under the “Big Tent” of Wasteland.

Virtual Wasteland on Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. EST will be hosting a Grand Opening party with DJ’s, door prizes and movie showings. The entire Virtual Wasteland space will be open and available for free during the event and there will be hostesses to greet guests and introduce the club and the facilities. The top-rated RLC BDSM Working Girl, Saphyre Rose, will be at the event and will give away a free half-hour BDSM session to a lucky winner (RLC VIP Members only). And, the grand prize for the evening will be a drawing for a free lifetime membership to Wasteland.com.

When asked about Virtual Wasteland, Wasteland Founder/CEO Colin Rowntree said, “One of the key concepts in BDSM and fetish play is the word 'play.' Unlike general adult entertainment viewing, BDSM and Fetish is ultimately an interactive activity between like-minded adults who seek to explore the darker sides of sexuality in safe and sane environments.

"In our partnership with Red Light Center, after a year in the making of our massive virtual city block of venues there, we’ve developed what we think is the perfect fit for people wanting to explore bondage and erotic power exchange in a real-time environment with other people. This is particularly appealing and valuable to both folks just getting started in the kinky community to find their comfort zones, as well as people in more rural and isolated areas that don’t have an easy option to head off to a fetish club or party in their area." 

Rowntree continued, "My hat is off to Brian Schuster and his staff for the astounding work they have done to help us bring this all together. We hope to see you all there at the opening bash to 'meet and beat' new kinky friends!"

“I could not be more excited about the opening of Virtual Wasteland inside our online virtual world, Red Light Center,” said Brian Shuster, CEO, Utherverse® Digital Inc. “The Wasteland team has worked with our crew to create a massive, totally realistic and amazing BDSM experience that is going to blow the minds of new and longtime fans of the BDSM lifestyle! Best of all, Wasteland users can meet and interact with our already huge BDSM community at the grand opening event, all online with a quick and easy download of the Virtual Wasteland 3D browser software.”

Virtual Wasteland includes a huge gothic dungeon with BDSM and Fetish play stations, intimate Private Session rooms where folks can hook up with a dominant or submissive for BDSM play, fucking machines for members and their partner’s pleasure and a choice of useful furniture, and a massive gift shop featuring the BDSM wares of Wasteland’s retail partner, The Stockroom.

There are also three movie theatres showing Wasteland original content in a cozy environment perfect for playing with your date as you watch the movies together. With BDSM equipment and toys, you can do more than just hold hands in the back row! A door from the dungeon leads up to a skywalk overlooking the city of Virtual Vancouver; ideal for intimate moments.

According to Wasteland Dungeon Master, Simon Blackthorne, “The thing about virtual reality is, it works! Virtual Wasteland has become my local BDSM club; a place to really meet people as I do at any social event. The virtual space provides opportunities to get to know people socially, personally and even intimately. The boundaries between real and virtual start to blur, and the relationships that develop are genuine and exciting.

"As well, Virtual Wasteland is a natural venue for talented and interesting people to share what they know in a way that is easily accessible to anyone who may not live near a major city. Kinksters are out of the closet, and developing a thriving, dynamic on-line social and business community using this new technology.”

Virtual Wasteland is available for play, watching movies and meeting people 24/7. Space is available for private parties and weekly events. Watch out for future announcements about Spank Me! parties, lectures, demos and other exciting events.

To check it out and attend the party, you will need to have the RedLightCenter 3D software. DOWNLOAD IT HERE FOR FREE

More Information is at Virtual.Wasteland.com

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