Ukranian Porn Star Seeks Asylum in Czech Republic

Dec 4, 2012 9:15 AM PST

THE CZECH REPUBLIC  — Ukranian porn star Anastasia Grishay, aka Wiska, is seeking permanent asylum in the Czech Republic after being booted out of her homeland in 2010 for allegedly producing and distributing adult material.

The former star, whose films include “Rocco: Animal Trainer,” “Gang Up,” “Angel Perverse 13” and others, has been given 15 days to leave the Czech Republic.

“They don’t care that we can’t go back to Ukraine,” Grishay told The Sun. “I was left alone with a child, worked as a model in various magazines. When I was asked to star in a porno movie I accepted because I needed the money.

“I have been trying to explain that I did not do it out of a love for the business but because I had to feed my son.”

Although Czech authorities have rejected her initial plea, Grishay would reportedly be the first porn star to be granted asylum in the European Union.

Grishay maintained that although she appeared in porn films she only shot her scenes in Hungary and the Czech Republic but never in her home country.

After her country toughened its anti-porn laws in 2010, local cops raided Grishay’s house in the Ukraine and found porn on her husband’s computer that the performer claimed was for private use.

“They don’t see the difference between storage and production. I signed away my rights to my performance so how could I be distributing? We never kept my films on the disks,” Grishay said.

Grishay explained that she was forced to flea to the Czech Republic after social services authorities threatened to take her three children into care, considering her an “unworthy mother” because of her porn career.

The performer's trouble reportedly surfaced in the Czech Republic when cops began investigating her after Communist Member of Parliament Leonid Grach tipped them off, angered by her appearance on TV talk shows.

The Ukrainian feminist group Femen — known for their provocative (and sometimes nude) demonstrations across the continent are backing Grishay’s request.

Grishay said she intends to appeal to the European courts if necessary.

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