Steven St. Croix Encourages Porn Industry to Fight L.A. Condom Law

Dec 18, 2012 11:30 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Veteran porn star Steven St. Croix is calling on the adult industry to join the fight against Los Angeles County's Measure B law, requiring the mandatory use of condoms in adult productions.

St. Croix, an FSC activist, makes the argument on his blog that donating money to fund the group's legal efforts to overturn Measure B is an act of self preservation and keeps people from becoming dullards.

"I know we are selfish people. Hell, I’m as selfish as the next," St. Croix writes. "But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Just change the way you manifest it.

"Be selfish; contribute to the legal fund and you will be looking out for your own interests as an individual and as a group. But not to contribute makes you apathetic and boring. It’s such a simple principle that to not participate makes one uncompelling and banal."

St. Croix points out how easy it is to make a difference by simply taking the time to make a donation or two.

"The great thing is that you don’t have to file motions and research law cases and precedents. You don’t have to be a law expert," St. Croix writes. "All you have to do is contribute. Not one time but as often as you can. It will come back to you. It, again, will be something you will reflect on later and proudly say, 'I did contribute.'"

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