Porn Guardian Releases 2012 Piracy Report

Jan 21, 2013 9:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Porn Guardian, one of the industry's leading anti-piracy companies, has announced the public availability of its 2012 Piracy Report.

The report, located here, contains the following data:

*Hosting Companies With The Most Pirate Websites
*Filehosts Hosting the Most Illegal Content
*Tubesites Hosting the Most Illegal Content
*Torrents Hosting the Most Illegal Content

The report was generated from the roughly 4 million files Porn Guardian recorded in 2012 for the 300+ brands the company represents. Some of the companies listed comply with the DMCA, others ignore it completely, according to The report is not intended to "shame" any sites or companies, indicated. The intent of the report is to simply list factually where files were found, and who is hosting those files, according to co-owner Dominic Ford.

"This report shows where we found the most illegal files," Ford said. "In an age in which some of these sites can win industry awards, or when certain hosting companies sponsor, attend or speak at industry conferences (and try to get legit adult clients), it is very important for our community to know if the companies they use profit from illegal content. We hope this list will encourage the companies on it to be more proactive about blocking piracy, and encourage legit business owners to ask tough questions before using a service that makes money from sites that are killing this industry."

Porn Guardian's evidence packages were at the center of many of the most important lawsuits of 2012, and assisted in getting many sites (including shut down. The company's 35-person staff searches for clients' illegal files 24/7 and enters them into the Porn Guardian Dashboard, which automatically reports the files to the sites responsible. The company has twice been nominated for the XBIZ Most Innovative Web Company" award.

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