BDSM 'Master R' Debuts Real Life 'Fifty Shades' Book

Jan 23, 2013 8:15 AM PST

RIVERDALE, New York — A look at real life BDSM that goes “way beyond ‘Fifty Shades’" is captured in a new book just released from author Master R.

“MASTER: The Sexuality, Politics, Life and Philosophy of a Master” is now available as an ebook and paperback through publisher RiverdaleAveBooks (RAB). It is described as the compelling story of Master R’s progress from a ‘60’s radical musician and singer/songwriter, through his evolution from submissive to dominant in the wild East Coast S&M scene.

For the past 20 years Master R has been proprietor of La Domaine Esemar, a BDSM training chateau in upstate New York, where he is Master Dominant. He and his Head Mistress offer couples the opportunity to explore their sexuality as well as practice their skills and fantasies in a melting pot of sexual politics, freedom and creativity.

The author relates real-life experiences and stories as he gives the reader an eyewitness account of his complex world. He discloses where the people who practice BDSM come from and how they got there.

According to the publisher, readers will discover Master R’s accounts of “….the brilliant people I have encountered, the exquisite sex I have had and the depths of love I have been privileged to share…” “If you are looking for the true story of one man’s path to dominance….his life and loves, then you are certainly home, sweet home.”

Master R’s life at the chateau aired on the OWN Network’s “Lisa Ling’s Our America” show on Jan. 22.  A clip of the show can be seen here.

“We are so proud to be publishing "MASTER," a bold, honest story of one man’s path towards dominance. Master R makes it clear that for him, BDSM is part of the cultural movement for freedom of self expression that came out of the '60's and '70's,”  RAB publisher Lori Perkins said.

The book sells in paperback for $15.95 and as ebook for $9.99 through Amazon, Apple, B&N and other retail sites.

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